About Yoga

We believe that emotional, mental, and spiritual flexibility are virtuous and life-enhancing, and when it comes to yoga practice, paramount.

Message from founder

Yoga, for me, is not just about performing asanas or relaxing the body. It is a practice that has helped me understand my true self and the purpose of this physical existence. In the past, I was lost and unsure of my path, but a chance encounter with someone who introduced me to the real meaning of Yoga since then everything has changed. Through this practice, I have found clarity and a sense of purpose.

Since then I have made a commitment to use Yoga to help others improve their mental and physical health. I believe that Yoga without devotion (Bhakti) is incomplete, like rice without dal. The whole purpose of my team is to remove obstacles from people's lives and guide them towards a healthier, more balanced way of living.

I believe that proper technique is essential in Yoga practice. Each asana, pranayama, mudra, and bandha has a specific technique that must be followed to reap the full benefits.

With the guidance of Lord Krishna, I hope to reach out to millions and bring healing and transformation through the practice of Yoga.

- Anup Sai (Founder at K & wings Yoga Studio)


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